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silhouPETte sells museum quality custom pet silhouette portraits and precious sterling silver and 14k gold readymade and custom, pet silhouPETte charm necklaces and cufflinks. Our keepsakes celebrate the loving bond between a person and an animal and help keep the love close forever.

100% made with love in the USA. Proudly giving back 30% of our profits to animals in need.

It All Started With Silkey…

In the winter of 2008 I was looking for creative gifts to give friends with pets. I searched and searched until I was exhausted by the endless options that lacked the depth I was looking for.

Gazing over at my then 14 year old kitty Silkey, the idea suddenly emerged! I’ve always adored great profiles and loved examining every little part of my cat’s: I knew the precise shape of the ridge on her nose, where her little white patch of fur began and ended on her chin, and exactly how the fluffy fur on her chest waved. Needless to say, I have an endless adoration for not just my animal-companions but all animals.

After seeing her profile, thinking about all the little things that were special to me about it, I turned on my computer and instantly began creating my first pet “silhouPETte” portrait.

Looking at her profile, I worked in close detail to capture all the personal features I knew of my kitty. When I finished her portrait, excitement filled my heart!

I immediately asked all my closest friends to send me a picture of their pet’s profile and started on my first wave of silhouPETte portraits.

Owning a silhouPETte…

What’s wonderful and intriguing to me about animals is how they express endless and unconditional love. They hold no grudges, make no judgments, and love me just the way I am. It’s no wonder I have such a deep connection to my pets. Just seeing their image brings joy to my day and love to my heart.

I was blown away when I saw the first ever silhouPETte gift opened by my best friend. She and her twin sister had tears pouring down their faces and were so touched by the gift I created of their 14 year old Pomeranian. I truly hope tears of joy are brought to each person who receives a silhouPETte heirloom. I hope they see it as a symbol of the power of love!

Making a silhouPETte…

Offering pet silhouette keepsakes with a vintage feel, we help keep that special bond you have with your pet alive for now and forever.

We focus on the tiny details that you adore about your pet. This is something we have perfected: the silhouette is not simply traced or outline by a computer program, it’s hand-outlined by our team. For our ready-to-wear collection, specific models are chosen with recognizable features so you feel a connection with your piece and see your pet every time you look at it. We interview parents of the breed to hear their thoughts and make specific adjustments before anything is produced.

With custom requests, through your pet’s photographs, I get to know them and all their perfections. My favorite part is actually talking to you to better understand how you see your pet. Because after all, it’s how you see your pet that is the most important detail for me to capture.

An everlasting bond…

While I may never be able to cuddle with our little Silkey again in this lifetime, our bond stays alive within me through my craft. As I surround myself with pieces that remind me of her love, I feel complete knowing that she is actually always here.

I am endlessly thankful to have had her as part of our family.

-Jessica DiPaola, Founder

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