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Top Four Jewelry Care Mistakes

By Jessica DiPaola
Posted in News, on February 02, 2017

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it was about time we brought up the subject of how to care for your jewelry. (As opposed to the giving and receiving, which we know you got covered ;).

We all love our jewelry. It signifies the precious moments in our lives, and often times, jewelry pieces are some of the most valuable items we possess. That’s why it’s such a shame that most of us (well, all of us really) are not looking after our jewelry the way we should.

Here are some of the most common mistakes:

#1 Sleeping, showering or swimming in your jewelry

Metals are durable, but not made for these activities. Water is a natural abrasive and will, over time, make your jewelry look worse for wear. And don’t even get us started on the chlorine in pools or the shampoos you use in the shower. Just take your jewelry off. Simple as that : ) Tossing and turning at night may also not be best for your precious metals.

#2 Not cleaning your jewelry frequently enough, or cleaning it too harshly

Precious jewelry requires a little bit of maintenance, just like your car. You should definitely clean your pieces regularly to make sure there’s no buildup of dirt or hand lotion, or things like that. Be very careful though, and avoid any harsh cleaning products. Just use some warm water with a little bit of mild dish soap (nothing stronger, ‘k : ) and a soft cloth. This works for all metals.

# 3 Not storing your Sterling Silver jewelry properly

Sterling silver requires a little extra TLC when it comes to storing your silver pieces for longer periods of time. Sterling silver gets tarnished very easily when it’s exposed to air or moisture. We know your silver bangles and charm necklaces look cute in a little tray or basket out in the open in your bedroom, but it’s really best to store all your sterling silver pieces in a tarnish preventative little zip-lock bag. (We like these.)

Make sure your silver jewelry is clean before you store it (check out mistake #2 for cleaning instructions ; ). If your silver jewelry is already starting to tarnish, give it a quick polish with a soft polishing cloth before putting it in the zip-lock bag. This way you’ll be able to enjoy your silver jewelry for years to come, without needing to have it polished all the time.

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# 4 You don’t clasp your necklaces before you store them

It’s easy for your necklaces to end up in a big tangled mess in your jewelry drawer or box. And there’s nothing more frustrating! To avoid these little disasters, store your everyday necklaces by closing them, and hanging them on a necklace tree (or you can be creative with pushpins). You’ll thank us on those mornings you’re running late and want to grab your favorite necklace before leaving the house ; )


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