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The dog trick that makes me LOL every time

By Jessica DiPaola
Posted in News, on January 05, 2017

A new year, a new trick! There are many reasons why canines love doing tricks: they like to impress their human and obey them, but most of all they know there’s usually something yummy waiting for them after all the rolling, sitting and jumping is done to perfection! If you're getting tired of the good old ‘sit’ and would like to mix things up a little for your furry friend this year, here’s a trick that will make you LOL (and "wow" your guests) every time, guaranteed!

Photo courtesy of the LA Times 

It’s called “Fire in the Hole” and requires two people to teach your dog how to do this trick. (Once they’ve mastered it, one person will suffice.)

1. Safely do a yoga-tree pose with your bent leg open enough for the dog to jump through.

2. Tell your dog to sit in front of you, about 3 feet away.

3. Have a human buddy hold a treat behind the opening of your bent leg.

4. Call “Fire in the Hole!” while you gesture for your dog to come to you through the hole. Don’t worry if your dog doesn’t understand what to do right away. The first few times you may actually have to carry your dog through the ‘hole’.


5. Immediately reward your pup with food when he completes the trick (or gives his best attempt at going through the hole ; )

6. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Remember, dogs learn by repetition.


7. Show off his talents in front of friends and loved ones. This trick is always a crowd pleaser in our home, and the pups love doing it. 

Do you have any special tricks you taught your dog? Let us know in the comments!


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